12-1pm Andy - “ELVIS” Svrcek sings GOSPEL

1:30-2:30pm - ELVIS TRIBUTE by Andy “ELVIS” Svrcek

Andy Svrcek is an award winning Elvis tribute artist from a small coal mining town in PA. Growing up an Elvis fan, Andy has now been paying tribute to "The King" for about 6 years. He WOW's audiences around the U.S with the charisma, stage presence, "hip shaking" moves, and GOLDEN VOICE just as Elvis had. Andy always gives 100% and includes everyone in his shows; it's a tribute show NO Elvis fan wants to miss! Andy is also a George Jones tribute artist! Since doing his tribute to the king of country, he has had the honor of opening up for country music royalty, Georgette Jones, daughter of George Jones & Tammy Wynette! Just like his tribute to Elvis, this is a tribute NO George OR country fan wants to miss!